de la terra, les plantes i el clima


We are a totally Mediterranean nation. Consequently, wine is an intrinsic part of our gastronomic culture and equally as important as olive oil or salt. As one of the world’s main wine producers we have excellent wines.

At Goliard we can only conceive of a good meal accompanied by a great wine. Our wine and cava list, although not extensive, is carefully selected and continually expanding.

Protected designation of origin and the specific type of grape, together with the climate of the region, guide us in drawing up our wine list and define each bottle of wine that we uncork.

We place a special although not exclusive emphasis on autochthonous varieties and the proximity of the vineyard while also including wines that have gained international recognition over the years.

We believe that wine is to be savoured, always with discretion, as a pleasurable everyday experience, which is the trademark of our establishment.


After Dinner Spirits


A liqueur or a mixed drink, occasional pleasures that allow us to put a finishing touch on a good meal or simply to enjoy some moments with the intense flavours and effects of more potent drinks.

Whether crafted following ancient traditions or the ceaseless innovation in the area of mixed drinks, they are an experience in themselves.

Sweet wine, whisky, gin and its twin gin tonic, vodka, brandy, cognac, rum, tequila, mixed drinks and firewater, all quality brands, open up a space to experience and savour an intimate after-dinner conversation, before leaving to enjoy night.


Un licor o una copa són plaers que ens permetem de tant en tant per acabar un bon àpat o senzillament per gaudir per una estona dels sabors i efectes d’uns beuratges potents i molt saborosos.

Ben elaborats i seguint les tradicions o amb les innovacions en el terreny dels espirituosos són una experiència per si mateixos.

Vins dolços, whisky, ginebres i els seus bessons els gintònics, vodka, brandis, conyacs, roms, tequiles, mezcals i aiguardents de bona qualitat ens permeten obrir altres experiències, en la conversa de la sobretaula, abans de sortir de nit o en la intimitat d’aquell instant.

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